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Dr. Barbara Kreedman is able to assess in one session what the real problem is, where it comes from and how to resolve it.

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In Session with Dr. Barbara Kreedman

Palm Desert Psychotherapist | Therapist In Palm Desert Coachella Valley CA

Dr. Kreedman discusses the reasons behind an array of behaviors such as anxiety, depression, marital conflict/detachment, marital affairs, sexual addiction, PTSD and more. She explains how to look at current behavior as a window to unresolved and traumatic experiences from past relationships and/or childhood issues. She then addresses steps toward resolution of your conflicts both on an individual basis and conflict between partners.

These 30 minute videos along with her books go a long way in educating the individual and couple as well as taking steps toward remaining more in the present and less in the past.

Topics in Show 1:

  1. Transference - reliving the past in the present
  2. How do past relationships influence current ones?
  3. Parenting
  4. Step-Parenting
  5. Commitment issues
  6. Trigger points (changes in relationships)
  7. Is it really a bad relationship?

Topics in Show 2:

  1. Addictive personalities
  2. Sexual addiction
  3. Internet & sex
  4. Gambling addiction
  5. Narcissism
  6. Dealing with “splitting” - how we cope with disappointment
  7. Styles of therapy
  8. Dealing with the end of a relationship
  9. Utilizing the workbooks